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Air travel spreads infections globally, but health advice from inflight magazines can limit that

"Travel safe, travel far, travel wide, and travel often," says Nomadic Matt, the American who quit his job to travel the world, write about it and coach others to do the same. But there's a downside to all this travel, with its unprecedented volume of passengers moving from one side of the world to the other, largely by plane.

Naomi Campbell's Airplane Ritual Consists of Fancy Face Masks, Rubber Gloves and a Whole Lot of Sanitizing Wipes

As one of the world's most iconic supermodels, Naomi Campbell has traveled all over the globe for her career. And thanks to all those frequent flyer miles, Campbell, 49, has mastered her personal pre- and in-flight rituals, so much so that she always steps off the plane looking (and feeling!)

Record Travel May Mean Record Illness--One Company Sets Out to Change That. Press Release. 7.3.19.pdf

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Back-seat passengers in Uber, Lyft, ride-hailing vehicles face germs, safety risks

CLOSE It's second nature: When your Uber or Lyft pulls up, you hop in the back seat. Sure, you check that the license plate and driver photo match what's on the app. But should you also pull out hand sanitizer and sit up front to be safer? Maybe you should, research shows.

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How Your Plane Can Make You Sick

Dehydration. An achy, flu-like feeling; a splitting headache and ringing ears, nausea: just being on a plane can lead to some unpleasant side-effects-and often, a cold. But what is it about flying that makes you feel lousy?

To avoid germs on an airplane, consider booking a window seat

If you're the type of traveler who worries about catching the flu or another dreaded disease from a fellow airline passenger, a new study should put your mind at ease. If a plane takes off with one infected flier, it is likely to land on the other side of the country with only 1.7 infected fliers, researchers found.

Avoid getting sick when you travel for work

Frequent business travel can lower your resistance, but there are actually some very easy ways to keep from getting sick when away from home.

Preventing Spread of Disease on Commercial Aircraft: Guidance for Cabin Crew | Quarantine | CDC

This guidance provides cabin crew with practical methods to protect themselves, passengers, and other crew members when someone onboard is sick with a possible contagious disease. Included are instructions to protect yourself and others, manage a sick traveler, clean contaminated areas, and take actions after flight.

Deposition of respiratory virus pathogens on frequently touched surfaces at airports

International and national travelling has made the rapid spread of infectious diseases possible. Little information is available on the role of major traffic hubs, such as airports, in the transmission of respiratory infections, including seasonal influenza and a pandemic threat.

Your Airplane Seat Probably Hasn't Been Cleaned in a Surprisingly Long Time

How deeply your plane is cleaned depends on how long the turn is. A "turn," in airline jargon, is how long the plane sits on the ground between flights. For quick domestic trips like shuttles from Dallas to San Antonio, this can be as little as 30 minutes.

These are the filthiest places on an airplane, according to a new report

A Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) consumer watchdog series has published a new study that names the five dirtiest surfaces on an airplane. According an analysis conducted by "Marketplace," a CBC consumer watchdog news series, headrests and seat-pockets are among the dirtiest surfaces one can touch on an airplane.

How to Sanitize Everything You Touch When You Travel

Get tips on sanitizing everything you touch when you travel from Roam, the Travel Channel blog.

Something nasty on the remote

RESEARCHERS from the University of Houston conducted tests in nine American hotels recently and found enough bacteria to generate headlines referring to " Germiest hotspots" and " Fecal matter hiding in hotel rooms". Katie Kirsch's team identified 67.6 colony-forming units of bacteria (CFU) per cubic centimetre squared on the TV remote controls and over 112 CFU on the light-switches, according to MSNBC.

These Are the Dirtiest Places in Your Hotel Room

You may want to bring some disinfectant wipes

Should you wear a surgical mask when sick?

Today I saw two people wearing masks, both were Asian women, and the practice is in line with the practices in Asia. It leads me to think that these folks either grew up there, or recently came over here, and still carry this habit.